BioGill® Max Series 6

The BioGill® Max Series is an attached growth bioreactor for secondary/biological wastewater treatment. The most versatile bioreactor in the BioGill product range, the Max series offers three different design capacities to fit tight spaces and is ideal for facilites producing a wide range of wastewater volumes seeking a simple, robust and highly efficient biological treatment system or for adding capacity to existing wastewater treatment systems. BioGill® bioreactors are simple to install and easy to operate, with minimal maintenance requirements. Modular in design, BioGill® Max Series systems can be easily expanded with additional units to accommodate changing treatment needs.




BioGill® Max Series units can be arranged in single and multi-unit configurations to meet a wide range of flow, loading, and removal requirements. Systems are easy to expand through the addition of units. The BioGill® Max 6 comes complete with a container housing 6 internal treatment cartridges, a recirculation tank, recirculation pumps and control panel. The design is both compact and flexible, allowing for a variety of installatin configurations.


Key Features

  • Pre-assembled for quick installation
  • Rapid start-up & biomass build-up
  • Simple to operate
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Low energy & operating costs (no blowers or chemicals)
  • Low sludge yield
  • Patented, non-clog HydroSwirl™ water dispersal system


Each BioGill® Max Series includes:

  • BioGill® Max bioreactor
  • Two Stage unit
  • Integrated Recirculation tank
  • Submersible recirculation pumps
  • Control Panel