Norweco® Service Pro WASP 11T Control Center

The Service Pro WASP 11T control center is installed on the Singulair Green systems that require a Singulair aerator, an effluent pump, and Total Nitrogen Treatment. The Service Pro WASP 11T is available for those applications that require a nitrogen-reducing system.


The Service Pro WASP (Weatherproof Advanced Surge Protection) control center delivers a complete management solution for your Singulair wastewater treatment system and components.  Solid-state construction ensures precise monitoring and advanced surge protection, extending the performance life of the aerator, simplex effluent pump, and up to three auxiliary inputs.  A waterproof gasket encasement for the conformal coated circuit board provides maximum protection of the electronic circuitry.  The user-friendly LCD interface simplifies programming for drip irrigation, spray irrigation, low-pressure dosing, or any effluent disposal method.  Built-in pump timer options include demand use, time of day, and cycle operation.

The Service Pro WASP control center is easy to install, start up, and service.  The LCD user interface can also be used to access historical operating and performance data, such as aerator elapsed run time, aerator run cycles, pump elapsed run time, pump run cycles, alarm history, and system status.  Three easily accessible auxiliary alarm inputs incorporate a simple push-button design to monitor virtually any accessory component of the treatment system and feature a built-in delay to prevent activation by any short-term detection.  Optional telemetry, failsafe and Total Nitrogen Treatment (TNT) configurations allow for additional levels of system management.