ANUA AiraCarb™ Odor Control Systems

The ANUA AiraCarb odor control systems utilize special AiraCarb-HC activated carbon media. They are zero energy, low cost, and a highly effective option for removing H2S and other odorous compounds for smaller airflow applications.


Odors are a concern for owners and operators of on-site treatment systems, decentralized systems, small treatment plants, and municipal collection systems. Hydrogen sulfide and VOC’s create odors, are corrosive, cause air pollution, and are detrimental to health.


ANUA products are custom quoted per job. To determine pricing for your exact needs, contact a Sales Professional at (918) 504-4412 or email us at

AiraCarb™ Features:

  • Low capital cost
  • Ease of installation
  • Small footprint
  • Low maintenance
  • Proven technology


Oklahoma Waste Water Treatment

Standard Features

  • Corrosion proof vessel with removable lid
  • Packaged with carbon media to treat H2S and other odorous compounds
  • Airflow ranges: 75 CFM to 175 CFM
  • Passive design (no fan)
  • 4” dia. PVC inlet and outlet
  • 0.5” dia. PVC condensate drain with ball valve

Available Options

  • Specialized carbon media(s)
  • Top-mounted cast-aluminum blower with 120V direct-drive motor
  • Start-up, commissioning, or training services