ANUA AiraHybrid™ Odor Control System

The ANUA AiraHybrid™ treatment system is a multi-stage process, designed to combine technologies and achieve greater overall odor removal. The biological and/or adsorption technologies are chosen are based on your specific application and overall treatment objectives.


ANUA products are custom quoted per job. To determine pricing for your exact needs, contact a Sales Professional at (918) 504-4412 or email us at

AiraHybrid™ Features:

  • Robust system can handle very high H2S concentrations
  • Treats a wide variety of reduced sulfur compounds and VOC’s typically found in municipal wastewater applications
  • Designed for complete odor removal
  • Recycled and/or repurposed long-life biological medias available, which protect the environment while reducing solid waste
  • No continuous nutrient or chemical addition required
  • Low life-cycle cost
  • Low O&M requirements
  • Modular systems available from 150 CFM – 5,000+ CFM
  • Pre-packaged, skid-mounted systems available