Grease Guardian® GGD20 (20 GPM, 40 lb Capacity)

GGD20 Grease Trap and Grease Removal Unit for Restaurant Kitchens
BUILD: 304 Stainless Steel Tank


The Grease Guardian® GGD20 system filters wastewater from your attached sink or dishwasher, separates solids and grease, and protects your plumbing in the process. After filtering, settled grease is automatically sent to the external grease collector, as many as four times per day, which reduces the time you spend cleaning the machine and the risk of backup.

Using a durable skimming wheel, the GGD20 is capable of outputting a skimming rate of 11 / 22 lbs. per low / high cycle. The skimming process makes the removal and recycling of grease easier than ever. With the integrated controller and interface, you’re able to set energy-saving options based on the needs of your establishment. Featuring a 20 GPM-flowrate and a 40 lb. grease retention capacity, this machine is built to handle any kitchen and is ideal for floor or shelf-mounted arrangement.